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Voice Input Supported in Rhapsode 5!

Not only can Rhapsode read pages aloud to you via eSpeak NG and it’s own CSS engine, but now you can speak aloud to it via Voice2JSON! All without trusting or relying upon any internet services, except ofcourse for bogstandard webservers to download your requested information from. Thereby completing my vision for Rhapsode’s reading experience!

Why (Mostly-)Standard HTTP/HTML/optional CSS?

Modern web browsers are massively complex beasts, implementing an evergrowing mountain of supposedly-open standards few can keep up with. So why do I think I can do better whilst adhering to the same standards? Why do I think that’s valuable?

How Does CSS Work?

Rendering a webpage in Rhapsode takes little more than applying a useragent stylesheet to decide how the page’s semantics should be communicated. In addition to any installed userstyles and optionally author styles.

Why an Auditory Browser?

I thought I might start a blog to discuss how and why Rhapsode works the way it does. And what better place to start than “why is Rhapsode an auditory web browser?”